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Introducing Real-time Analytics

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Diego Menchaca
Jan 29, 2018

When conducting clinical studies, there are two things any researcher must bear in mind: risks for participants, and cost. Being able to make the best decisions to decrease the timeline of a study while at the same time improving patient safety is a paramount concern.

Data is the primary resource in this feedback loop; researchers combine it with their judgment and expertise to plan and make corrections to their study design.

The capability to efficiently identify issues or opportunities in a clinical study is only possible with timely data analysis and visualization. Without such appropriate surveillance tools, study managers may be unwillingly navigating blind.

Unlocking the value of data

Today we are launching a new analytics module within our web application. This new service allows users to build graphs on Teamscope using their research data and monitor it in real-time.

Analytics provides a new level of study management and accountability with on-demand access to real-time graphs and statistical analysis, allowing you to mitigate risks while improving study quality and patient safety.

We are not only giving you access to insights that drive success in a clinical trial or study but most importantly we are providing you this information in real-time. Say goodbye to the messy process of having to export your data to then import to a different statistical tool each time you needed to conduct data analysis. Teamscope allows you to keep it all in the same place.

This process now only needs to be setup once, your charts will always be updated. You can even export these visuals at any moment to various image formats like JPEG, PDF, and PNG so you can use them in presentations or publications.

In this beta release, we include three chart types (pie, bar, and line) and a set of primary statistical analysis (Min, Max, Mean, Variance, Std Deviation, Frequency). We expect to be adding more charts and statistical methods soon.

You’re not sure if all sites or researchers are committing the same amount of work? No problem, we’ve built-in to this new feature a line graph that displays the frequency of entries per site or researcher across time.

Reasons this feature is what your research needs:

  • Monitoring risk factors
  • Keeping track of population distribution
  • Statistical analysis of laboratory tests
  • Tracking any critical data elements

Data is an invaluable resource in any industry; it allows us to innovate in our strategy and processes. In clinical research, data has an even higher value when we take in to hand the impact that data-driven decisions can have on patient risk and study costs.

This analytics module is currently in beta mode. Keen on trying it out? Request early access by completing this form. We are excited to receive your feedback and hear how this is allowing you to conduct better and faster research.

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Diego Menchaca

Diego is the founder and CEO of Teamscope. Follow his journey: @dmenchaca15.

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