Explore the Power of Collaborative Research.

Simple, minimal, and easy to use. Like every EDC should be.

Collect data, wherever you are.

Whether you are conducting a clinical trial at a hospital or examining patients in a remote village, our applications allow you to work wherever you need. Our mobile apps are offline-friendly which means data can be stored without the need for internet and synchronized once you gain a connection.

You can download Teamscope on your iPhone, iPad and Android device or login with our Web app (beta).

Data synchronization

Collaborate in real-time

Whenever a team member creates a new patient, adds a data entry or modifies previously stored record, that change synchronizes for everyone.

On the fly data sync allows multiple research sites to collaborate in real-time and assure everyone is updated and on the same page.


Keep your team in flow.

On Teamscope you can define fully customizable events, for example, "patient matching risk criteria.". Whenever an event is triggered, you can instruct the platform to send a notification with a custom message to specific researchers within your team.